Magical Mermaid Portraits

Escape with your sons and/or daughters to our magical beach where you will be transformed into a Magical Mermaid or Mighty Merman. Begin your magical journey with a touch of makeup & a specially fitted mermaid tail & top. Once the transformation is complete we will enter the magic beach to hear the ocean & live your child's dream of being a mermaid/merman! Girls will get to wear a mermaid tiara & boys will get to use a trident.

I have some adult sizes so moms have the option to join in for some special memories with their children! Be sure to discuss this option after reserving your session.



Pricing and Details

*The base cost to reserve our Magical Mermaid Portraits is $50

Here is what is included in your experience

  • A 45-minute portrait experience
  • Magical Makeup
  • The use of our specially fitted tails & tops for the session
  • 5 Digital Images with the option to purchase more at a discounted price.
  • A $50 Print Credit to purchase prints directly from your private online gallery
  • * $50 covers up to two people in a session - $25 for each additional person 


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